Something new and modern, yet ancient as time. The talisman is an object thought to have magical powers, bringing luck and protection to the bearer. Be it a memory or a gift, we have our own treasured particulars that we draw magic from at times. Together with Yorz Laser, we bring you Lumi Lia jewelry and accessories. Designed for the modern warrior, Lumi Lia products come bare and ready to be adorned with something meaningful. Simply create your design by hand or put it together using fonts and graphics available on our customized tablet. Have fun and ZZZAP! Laser-etched on the spot. 


Spring 2017

Current Products

Our tag and bar necklaces are basic and elegant. All stainless steel. Available in three finishes: silver, gold and rose gold. Showcased with the Yorz Laser at NY NOW 02/2017.





The Yorz Laser

World's Smallest Laser for Retail Personalization 


Lumi Lia at the Denver Art Museum Gift Shop in 2012



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Lumi Lia jewelry and accessories are available with purchase or rental of the Yorz Laser. Our products have been designed for the Yorz Laser and will be offered at wholesale to retailers. You may also customize Yorz Laser to mark your own products. Yorz engineers and laser experts will devise the best solution for your needs.


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